Jeff's Driving Tips Video #4

Welcome to Jeff’s Driving Tips!

Downshifting is something you should do as you are slowing down for a corner and before you turn your steering wheel into a corner!!!!   We use this rule on the race track and it also works for street driving!

Main points: Why and where we downshift a car!

Here are the steps you need to take in proper sequence to get your Heel Toe Downshifting done correctly!

1.  Always do your downshifts in a straight line before you turn for a corner.
2.  Use your Heel-Toe Down Shifting technique for your down shifts.
3.  Remember that down shifting a car is to make sure you are in the proper gear and RPM to leave a corner.  It's not used to help slow the car down.

Have fun with it and good Luck!!!

Action steps:

1.  White list this email address: jeff@jeffbucknum.com (put me on your “safe list” to make sure you receive the videos)
2.  Make a folder to save all the emails you receive from me
3.  Commit to following each Video / Lesson.

As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below.

Have a great day!
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