Jeff's Driving Tips Video #3

Welcome to Jeff’s Driving Tips! Heel Toe Downshifting is something you need to learn and get good at if you plan on racing or taking your car out on a race track. It can be difficult to learn at first, but If you don't learn how to Heel Toe Downshift properly and get good at it, you will never be as good of a driver as you could be! Main points: Here are the steps you need to take in proper sequence to get your Heel Toe Downshifting done correctly!
  • Brake (foot stays on the brake the whole time)
  • Clutch In
  • Blip &
  • Shift (at the same time)
  • Clutch Out
Heel Toe Downshifting is one thing you will get better at the more you practice it! I encourage you to practice this while you drive on the street. It’s actually good for your transmission and its must smoother for your passengers! Have fun with it and good Luck!!! Action steps:
  • White list this email address: jeff@jeffbucknum.com (put me on your “safe list” to make sure you receive the videos).
  • Make a folder to save all the emails you receive from me.
  • Commit to following each Video / Lesson.
As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below. Have a great day!
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