Jeff's Driving Tips Video #2

Welcome to Jeff’s Driving Tips! One of the most overlooked things in driving is making sure you have a proper seating position.  Not only is it safer to be sitting properly in the car, but it also gives you a much better ability to control the car in high performance situations. ANGEL PAD:   

This is an awesome product that will give you great lateral support in your car!

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Main points:

  • Make sure you move your seat forward so you still have some bend in your leg when you push firmly on the brake pedal. Then push your clutch in and make sure you can push it to the floor without having to point your toes to much.
  • While your shoulders are pushed back against your seat and holding the steering wheel at the “3 and 9” position you should have about a 90 degree bend in your arm at the elbow.
  • If you are going to be doing race track days with your car, make sure you tilt the bottom seat cushion up in the front and down in the back. This is a little trick to help keep your seat and not slide forward under hard braking.
  • If you plan on doing race track days with your car, I highly recommend either getting a racing seat for good lateral support, or buy a product that gives you really good support on the side of your body to hold you in your seat around corners.

Action steps:

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  • Make a folder to save all the emails you receive from me.
  • Commit to following each Video / Lesson.
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Have a great day!
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